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GLAUNACH Rental Silencers

To avoid permanent damage to the installed Silencers, GLAUNACH has cleverly developed diffuser rental silencers that are delivered with a spare diffuser cartridge of bolted construction. In case of increased backpressure while blowing off that is caused by debris blockage, a spare diffuser cartridge is supplied which can be changed very easily and quickly, with an aid of lifting equipment with standard tools – socket spanners

Noise Reduction up to 70 dB

Rental Silencer

Replaceable Diffuser Cartridge -GLAUNACH

exchangeable diffuser cartridge

If you need a temporary silencer for a limited period of time, GLAUNACH gives you the opportunity to rent a silencer. Rental silencers are usually used for boiler or pipe system maintenance.

When blowing off newly installed pipe lines and/or cleaning out pipes with high pressure, metal debris, rust particles and at time oil in new installations that are in the pipe line lead to damage or block the silencer diffuser.


Rental Silencer
with adjustable legs

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