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Diffuser Silencer - GLAUNACH

Diffuser Vent Silencer

It is our bestseller and that speaks for itself!

GLAUNACH’s diffuser silencer is a comparably small silencer with tremendous impact. Its compact design makes it the universal silencer for compressed gases and superheated steam at power stations, paper mills or natural gas pipelines – and everywhere where high pressure needs to be blown off. Instead of directly releasing the gas, it is transmitted through several pressure drop stages specially adopted and individually manufactured for every single industrial use case.

Noise Reduction up to 50 dB

Absorbing Silencer - GLAUNACH

Absorbing Vent Silencer

Noise Absorbing Silencers are the classical way to reduce noise for pressure-free applications. Depending on size and weight, GLAUNACH’s absorbing silencers nearly reduce noise by every desired value. In contrast to the traditional silencers with the innovative GLAUNACH diffuser technology there is no backpressure necessary.

Noise Reduction > 50 dB *

* the combination of diffuser and absorbing silencer enables realising (almost) any noise reduction requirements

Micro Silencer - GLAUNACH

Micro Vent Silencer

Our micro vent silencers are the smallest silencers in the GLAUNACH portfolio. They were specifically designed for pipe connections from 1¼ to 6 inches (DN 32 to 150) and can be individually adapted to customer requirements. Therefore, they are mainly used wherever there is little space – including gas filling stations, electrolysis plants, collecting tanks, vapour exhaust pipes, and hot and cold gas systems.

Technologically, the micro vent silencer is based on our renowned diffusor silencer. It is suitable for all gases and withstands both low and very high pressure. Production in Austria from certified stainless steel ensures the high quality of the smallest of all GLAUNACH silencers.

Noise Reduction up to 15 dB

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