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Stess Analysis

In addition to our basic design calcultions we also support an advanced stress analysis according to various standards, addressing all of the wall thickness rules and stress analysis requirements for all critical silencer parts.

European Code EN 13445

EC-Type Examination EN 13480

ASME Section VIII, Division 1

ASME Section VIII, Division 2
British Code PD 5500

In compliance with this regulations, it is possible to design our products according to ASME and EN standards at the same time.

Nozzle Loads

Considering the specified forces and moments of the inlet nozzles, we calculate the required wall thickness and areas and add optional reinforcing pads if necessary.

EN 13445 Section 16

WRC 107

WRC 297
PD 5500

Supporting Loads

We perform analysis of vessel support legs, support lugs, support saddles and lifting lugs based on industry standard calculation techniques


Silencer on Saddles

Silencer on Brackets

Silencer on Legs

Silencer on Lifting Lugs

EN 13445


Wind & Seismic Loads

By taking into account the applicable geo-zones, we determine the fundamental wind speeds and peak ground accelerations for our strenght calculations.

Glaunach Standard: Euro Code / ASCE
others standards on request


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