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Natural Gas Station - © GLAUNACH GMBH

Natural Gas Vent Silencer

Whether natural gas pipelines, offshore platforms, compressor stations, LNG terminals or gas filling stations – natural gas systems of all kinds have to be serviced regularly. For this, it is necessary to release pressure and blow off gas.

Vent Sielncers at a compressor station

This is where we come in. GLAUNACH not only supplies mobile and stationary blow-off systems for noise reduction, but also offers many years of experience in the gas market with more than 300 successfully completed projects worldwide. This expertise allows us to adhere to specific local regulations and fulfill special requests such as custom-fit solutions for hydrogen blending systems.

Natural Gas Blow Out - © GLAUNACH GMBH

valve station                    

Installation of a Diffuser Silencer -© GLAUNACH GMBH

installation of a mobile silencer

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