Project Feedback

Order Process

timely transmission of quotebadfairgoodvery goodexcellenttimely transmission of quote
compliance between inquiry and offerbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentcompliance between inquiry and offer
clearness of technical specificationbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentclearness of technical specification
clearness of commercial specificationbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentclearness of commercial specification
designated delivery timebadfairgoodvery goodexcellentdesignated delivery time
solutions for technical requirementsbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentsolutions for technical requirements
support by our staffbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentsupport by our staff
technical flexibilitybadfairgoodvery goodexcellenttechnical flexibility

Project Handling

timely confirmation of orderbadfairgoodvery goodexcellenttimely confirmation of order
timely transmission of documents badfairgoodvery goodexcellent timely transmission of documents
design in compliance with orderbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentdesign in compliance with order
technical supportbadfairgoodvery goodexcellenttechnical support
commercial supportbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentcommercial support
support for transportationbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentsupport for transportation
flexibility upon changesbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentflexibility upon changes
completeness of final documentationbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentcompleteness of final documentation
quality of drawings and documentationbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentquality of drawings and documentation
packing and markingbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentpacking and marking
execution of dispatchbadfairgoodvery goodexcellentexecution of dispatch
date of deliverybadfairgoodvery goodexcellentdate of delivery
product qualitybadfairgoodvery goodexcellentproduct quality

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